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Paws And Reflect

The lingering scents of both a mighty golden eagle feather and the honored warrior who wore it attract a cougar's curiosity.

Worn by Native Americans as honorary insignia, the prized eagle feathers decorated everything from horses and war bonnets, to medicine bundles and shields. Eagle feathers invoked supernatural power over an enemy, granted courage and swiftness to the wearer, and conveyed predatory qualities.

By 1962 golden eagles faced extinction from hunting, chemical contamination, and habitat destruction. Now protected by both state and federal laws, golden eagle populations are slowly increasing. the golden eagle's future lies in the protection of its valuable habitat, the control of illegal hunting and the use of alternative methods of pest control. Its future depends on us.


Edition Type Edition Size Edition Dim. Edition Price
Fine Art Print 3250 20"w x 16"h $185
Artist's Proof Print 325 20"w x 16"h $215