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Frequently Asked Questions And Answers


How long does it take Judy to complete a scratchboard painting?

"Depending upon the size and complexity of a scratchboard painting, it takes one to four months. Up to half of that time is needed for historical research and for composing the image to accommodate what I want to hide.  The hidden element reveals the story I want to tell, so it's important to include it in the painting's original composition." - Judy

 How much is my print/canvas worth?

Information regarding the current value of prints and canvases can be obtained through  Just click on "Artists A-Z" in the left column, then enter your e-mail address and choose a password.  There is a charge for this service.

 What is the difference between a signed and numbered print/canvas edition and an Artist's Proof print/canvas edition?

 Both editions are produced exactly the same way, at the same time, and are of the same quality; however, collectors give greater value to Artist's Proofs, as they are very limited and are often difficult to obtain.  Artist's Proofs are signed and numbered separately from the regular edition, and the letters "AP" are written beside the limited edition number.

 What is a giclee print/canvas?

 A giclee is produced by spraying incredibly fine jets of ink onto paper or canvas.  Giclees are individually made, unlike a paper press run, and are as close to an original as present technology can achieve.  Giclees do not need to be framed under glass.

 Will my print/canvas be signed and numbered?

 "I personally sign all limited edition prints and canvases, and my publisher, The Greenwich Workshop, consecutively numbers them.  Signing each piece certifies that I have inspected the edition and have given it my approval." - Judy

 If I want to sell my collection, can Judy sell it for me?

 Unfortunately, keeping up with a vigorous schedule of producing new art does not permit Judy the time needed to sell clients' individual pieces or collections.  There are many avenues open to the collector who wishes to sell his/her collection, including galleries, eBay, etc.

 Why should I buy directly from Judy or from an authorized gallery?

 There is always a risk when purchasing outside of the proper channels.  If one buys through this web site or through an authorized gallery, one can be assured of genuineness and highest quality.

 Will Judy personally answer questions for a student's paper?

 "Regrettably, I no longer can answer questions from individual students who are writing about an artist or a technique.  Because I receive a myriad of such requests, and it is very time-consuming to answer each query, I have tried to include all pertinent information on this web site." - Judy

 Should I purchase a print/canvas without a Certificate of Authenticity?

 No!  Your print/canvas is worth far less if the Certificate of Authenticity is missing. In fact, it is illegal for someone to sell you a limited edition without proper documentation.  Before purchasing a limited edition print/canvas, make sure that the seller has the Certificate of Authenticity and any other accompanying paperwork for that image, such as a key to hidden elements.  

 Does Judy have any cards or calendars available?

 Not presently, but that could change at any time.  Judy does have many puzzles available, however. Just "google" Judy Larson puzzles for source near you.

 Have a question that wasn't answered?

 Please contact sales: