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Pack Herd

Enveloped in the foggy mist of early morning, a herd of wild horses crowds closely together against the unknown. More elusive to the observer is a pack of wolves that seem to gather with them.

In the rugged wilderness that is home to both packs of wolves and heads of horses, many traits are essential for survival.

Primary among these is a close-knit reliance on the group which fosters cooperation and companionship, and which aids in preserving the group's integrity.

Horses of color were truly prized by Native Americans. The horses in "Packherd" represent the remnants of these carefully-bred herds which played a prominent role in Native American society.


Edition Type Edition Size Edition Dim. Edition Price
Fine Art Print 2950 s/n 28 "w x 19 "h $245
Artist's Proof Print 295 s/n 28 "w x 19 "h $305