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The Survivors

Concealed in the trees above the bison, one can find a Native American wearing a headdress of the sacred buffalo. "The Survivors" conveys an inspiring message of hope and renewal. "Few people know," Judy explains, "that by 1902, the last wild herd of buffalo numbered only 23 animals. Native Americans had been deprived of a deep spiritual connection with the buffalo, upon whom their culture depended. I am gratified to learn that concerted efforts are being made to reintroduce buffalo on tribal lands." "The Survivors" takes us back to Yellowstone in 1902. There, life is renewed in the bison calf and on the land which brings forth new growth after a fire.

Edition Type Edition Size Edition Dim. Edition Price
Fine Art Print 1000 15 7/8"w x 27"h $245
Artist's Proof Print 150 15 7/8"w x 27"h $305
Artist's Proof Giclee Canvas 25 17"w x 29"h $850